Dario Savino (Venezuela)


Dario Savino was born in Caracas Venezuela in 1951, the third in a family of five children. His father Dante Savino was a Venezuelan architect of Italian origin, his mother Ida Zari Savino of Italian origin was from New York.

He is married to Carmen Isabel Schutte. They have three wonderful children: Maria Valeria, Diego, and Rodrigo with two grandchildren Pablo, and Luca.

Savino is a medical doctor with a specialization in Ophthalmology. He graduated from the Central University of Venezuela and did his postgraduate studies at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology (AFIP) in Washington DC’s Wills Eye Hospital and John Hopkins Eye Institute.

Currently, he is head of the Department of Ophthalmology at the Hospital Vargas School of Medicine of the Central University of Venezuela. Since 1985, he has taught Ophthalmology with more than 120 ophthalmologists graduating from the university. He and his university colleagues have worked with students who operate on patients in different states in the interior of Venezuela: Apure, Maturin, Nueva Esparta, and Territorio Delta Amacuro. Their work includes more than 700 cataract operations. Since 2009, they have also participated in the Maniapure Project, examining patients in Dr. Tomas Sanabria’s clinic in the State of Bolivar [where Angel Falls is located] in the interior of Venezuela.

Dr. Savino has been invited to many countries to give lectures including Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Mexico, EEUU [United States], and Israel.

When not working Dr. Savino loves to travel, fish, play or watch soccer, and read a good book about notable characters in history. Jimmie Angel is a person that has held his interest for many years.

His passions are teaching and being in contact with his patients, students, and his family who are the important persons in his life. Dr. Savino has been presented with many awards from various associations during his professional life. He does not list his awards here because he prefers to focus on his current life of work and service to his community of patients and students.