JAHP Honors

The Board of Directors of the Jimmie Angel Historical Project

Honors individuals and organization who have supported the Jimmie Angel Historical Project with accurate information about American aviator-explorer James “Jimmie” Crawford Angel (1899-1956), his associates, and their era of aviation and exploration. Their contributions of firsthand information and/or research have enabled the Jimmie Angel Historical Project to provide accurate information to the public including journalists, writers, filmmakers, museum curators, teachers, and students.

Furthermore, organizations and individuals are honored who have helped to preserve the culture, flora, and fauna of the Pemón, the people Jimmie Angel first met in 1933, and those who continue to support the health and wellbeing of all Pemón people.

Year 2022 Honors

Valdis Abols, Latvia

*Catherine [Kay] Angel [1921-2011], USA

*Clyde Marshall Angel [1917-1997], USA

Angel Conservation, USA

Aviación para LA Salud/ALAS, Venezuela

Hortensia Berti, Venezuela

Biokryptos, USA

Charles Brewer-Carias, Venezuela

Peter Bruemmer, USA

John Random Burns, UK

Joe Cain, PhD, USA & UK

Elizabeth “Betty” Christian, USA

*Harry Christian [1928-2012], USA

Patricia Ann [nee Grigsby] Conroy, USA

Jan-Willem de Vries, The Netherlands

Fundación Etnika, Venezuela

Fundación Proyecto Maniapure "FPM", Venezuela

*Patricia Grant [1920- 1999], USA

H. Allen Herr, USA

Patricia Hubbard, USA

Mary LeCroy, USA

Enrique Lucca, Venezuela

Maniapure Foundation USA, USA

Douglas Pridham, UK & Venezuela

Tomas Sanabria, M.D., Venezuela

Dario Savino, M.D., Venezuela

Edward Sharratt, Canada

*Dr. Solón Suárez [1921-2015], Venezuela

*Adrian Warren [1949-2011], UK