Steve Davidson (CALIFORNIA)


Steve Davidson was born on the Solstice, 21 December 1953, in Los Angeles, California. After a very happy childhood, he attended Engineering School at Humboldt State University, graduating in Environmental Engineering in 1977. He has worked in the civil engineering field for 34 years including both the public and private sectors. The last 20 years were spent as District Engineer and General Manager of the Humboldt Community Services District, a small, rural, sewer and water district serving 7,000 customers. Retiring from full time employment in 2013 has resulted in enough free time for Steve to pursue other interests.

Steve has always had an interest in the original tribes of planet Earth. Starting with the wild tribes of Papua New Guinea, especially those of the Trobriand Islands, and stretching over to the Sentinelese of North Sentinel Island and the Jawara in the Andaman Islands, he has experienced a life-long fascination with indigenous people.

More recently, in support of a picture book his wife of 35 years, Ellen, was writing, Steve traveled to Colombia and visited and learned about the intentional community of Gaviotas. Established by Paolo Lugari in the llanos of central Colombia, the community of Gaviotas was designed to subsist almost entirely from their own efforts and local resources. To this end, they developed novel water pumping devices and bio-fuel extraction plants. Because it was so difficult to get anything to grow in the barren savanna environment, the Gaviotans eventually tried planting tropical Caribbean pine trees. These trees not only thrived, they also produced a resin they could sell for fuel, and to make everything from violin bows, to glue, and a gripping agent for baseball bats. Even more amazing was the fact that, sheltered beneath the pine trees, rain forest not seen for thousands of years spontaneously regenerated. Due to the miraculous reforestation, the climate changed, producing more potable water.

After visiting the Pemón Indians of Kamarata Village, Canaima National Park, Venezuela during a 2012 expedition to Angel Falls with JAHP Board Members Karen Angel and Paul Graham Stanley, Steve was elected to the JAHP Board in 2015. His interests include supporting the memory of Jimmie Angel and the efforts of the Pemón people to protect their culture, land, flora and fauna.