The Board of Directors

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karen angel

Karen Angel (California) President

Karen Angel (1 July 2012) stands in the center with her Ugarte Calcaño cousins Clementina, Manuel “Santos”, Crescenciano, and Nered who are four of the six children of Jose Manuel Ugarte, the adopted son of Jimmie and Marie Angel.  

Vittorio Assandria

Vittorio Assandria (Venezuela)

Vittorio Assandria

Vittorio Assandria kneels next to the marker identifying Jimmie Angel’s Auyántepui landing spot.



isabel barton

Isabel Barton (New York)

Isabel Barton filming in the Kamarata Valley.


Steve Davidson

Steve Davidson

Steve Davidson near Deer Lake, Tahoe National Forest, Northern California.

Jack deCoup-Crank

Jack de Coup-Crank (California)


Jack de Coup-Crank is wearing the overalls in the Campo Alegre School photo, 1939-1940.


Jorge M. Gonzalez

Jorge M. González (California)

Vice President

Jorge M. González, PhD., investigating stone carvings at El Tajin, Mexico.


Jorge González was a member of the 1991 Fundación Terramar interdisciplinary Auyántepui expedition.


Marianela Camacho Fuenmayor

Marianela Camacho Fuenmayor (Venezuela)



Jon H. Pegg

Jon H. Pegg (Hawaii)

Jon H. Pegg waving the Hawaiian state flag in celebration of reaching the summit of Auyántepui. The bust of Simon Bolivar, Liberator of Venezuela, was placed by the Universidad Central de Venezuela’s 1956 expedition to Auyántepui.



Paul Graham Stanley (Venezuela)


Paul Stanley (center of back row) with Pemón friends in the Kamarata Valley.