The Jimmie Angel Historical Project maintains an archive of historical photographs, documents and published materials that is shared by appointment with journalists, filmmakers, museum curators, and teachers and students.

The new JAHP Research & Reading Room opened in early 2015 to individuals engaged in serious research about James “Jimmie” Crawford Angel (1899-1956) and his exploration and aviation associates.

JAHP Research & Reading Room

Photo: Karen Angel JAHP Research & Reading Room.

Individuals who wish to research materials in the JAHP Archive must schedule their research dates and hours at least two weeks in advance with Karen Angel, JAHP Archivist. The JAHP Archive is located in Eureka, California. Please contact: Archive@jimmieangel.org.

In addition to historical photographs from the extensive Jimmie Angel Historical Project Archive, the JAHP is honored to include historic photographs taken by Carlos A. Freeman and Gustavo “Cabuya” Heny in the JAHP Archive. The photographs presented on the JAHP website are representative of the hundreds of photographs in the Archive.

The Freeman Archive is made available by Harry and Betty Christian of Houston, Texas. Betty Christian is the step daughter of Carlos A. Freeman.

The Heny Archive is made available by Enrique Lucca of Caracas, Venezuela. Enrique Lucca is the lifelong friend and photo executor for Gustavo Heny.

Copies of photographs and documents may be licensed for publication. For "Permission to Publish," publication fees, and "Permission to Quote" from Karen Angel's Research Papers, please contact Archive@jimmieangel.org.