Karen Angel (California)

JAHP President

Karen Angel lives in Eureka which is located on the far northern coast of California in the County of Humboldt. Humboldt County is the home of the world’s tallest trees, Coast Redwoods (Sequoia sempervirens).

She lived in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea for two years (1995-1997) where she was active in cultural life serving as acting president of the Papua New Guinea Orchid Society and participating with the Port Moresby Road Runners. She collected running shoes in the USA for shoeless Papua New Guinean runners. At age fifty she won the Papua New Guinea National Half Marathon Women’s Division and finished in first place overall in the Women’s Race Circuit. She returned home to Humboldt County where she became the third woman runner to be inducted into the Six Rivers Running Hall of Fame based on her marathon and ultramarathon race performances.

She served as the Executive Director for the Humboldt Botanical Gardens Foundation (1998-2007). Her interest in the history of horticulture and Sir Joseph Banks led her to enlist as a voyage crew member on Captain James Cook’s historic replica tall ship HMS Endeavour in Canadian and New Zealand waters.

Karen has travelled extensively internationally with the Gran Sabana of south eastern Venezuela her favorite destination. In addition to founding the JAHP in 1996, she is a founding board member of Angel Conservation which is dedicated to creating, developing, documenting, supporting and working with programs and projects that conserve and preserve the cultures of indigenous peoples, native flora and fauna species, and the natural environments that gave them life. To date, the focus of Angel Conservation has been projects with the Pemón of Kamarata Valley, Canaima National Park where Angel Falls is located.

Karen curates the JAHP Archive and has authored several research papers about Jimmie Angel and his era of aviation and exploration in addition to publishing in various magazines and books. She has also assisted with numerous films, books, newspaper and magazine articles about Jimmie Angel. Her book about Jimmie Angel, titled Angel’s Flight – The Life of Jimmie Angel – American Aviator-Explorer – Discoverer of Angel Falls, was published in 2019.