◊ ALERT! Destructive Gold Mining in Canaima National Park

◊ JAHP Reading & Research Room

◊ Singer-Song Writer Ellis Paul’s “Jimmie Angel’s Flying Circus”

◊ Jimmie Angel ● Angel Falls ● Ruth Robertson: An Exhibition


Tribute to Jimmie Angel Expedition in Photographs, Karen Angel, Editor

A Plant Hunter's Paradise: Angel Falls - Churún Vena - Salto Angel and Auyantepui. A Venezuelan Botanical Report in Photographs, Edition II. Karen Angel, Editor

A Trip to Angel Falls Venezuela, A Personal Narrative by John Holl

Humboldt County Angel Falls Explorers Return

Maia Nero’s Paintings of Angel Falls and Canaima National Park

◊ "El camino del Angel," by Vittorio Assandria commemorates Assandria’s 2008 expedition to retrace Jimmie Angel’s landing of El Rio Caroni on Auyántepui 9 October 1937

◊ “Why the World’s Tallest Waterfall is Named Angel Falls,” by Karen Angel. Terrae Incognitae, Journal of The Society for the History of Discoveries,      Vol. 44 No. 1, April 2012. 

◊ “The Legends of Jimmie Angel,” by Karen Angel.  AMÉRICAS Official Publication of the Organization of American States, April 2011.

◊ “Las Leyendas de Jimmie Angel,” par Karen Angel.  AMÉRICAS Publicación Oficial de la Organización de los Estados Americanos, Abril 2011.

◊ "Angel Flight," by Don Bedwell. AVIATION HISTORY, May 2011 (Table of Contents).

◊ "The Flamingo," by Peter Bruemmer, January 2011.

◊ "UP: British Photographer Adrian Warren Inspiration for Disney Pixar Movie," The Telegraph.

"Truth or Dare: The Jimmie Angel Story" by Jan-Willem de Vries, Graphic Artist, The Netherlands.

◊ "Crab-Eating Fox" by Laszlo B. Hadik-Barkoczy

"Mito O Realidad" by Jorge M. González

"La Arepa" by Jorge M. González

◊ "La Loca Luz" by Jorge M. González