Jimmie Angel ● Angel Falls
Ruth Robertson

An Exhibition

Fresno State University
Fresno, California

Jorge M. Gonzalez, Ph.D. of the Plant Science Department, Fresno State University and Vice President of the Jimmie Angel Historical Project Board of Directors commemorated the anniversary of Jimmie Angel’s discovery of Angel Falls and the publication of Ruth Robertson’s National Geographic article about her 1949 expedition to Angel Falls with the curation of window exhibition in the hall in front of the Jordan College of Agriculture and Science Technology (JCAST) of California State University, Fresno.

The exhibition was open from November 17 to December 7, 2014. It was “visited” by students, faculty and employees of Fresno State passing through the JCAST office hall. Fresno City College Spanish course students were encouraged to visit the exhibition. Some members of the Venezuelan Community of Fresno (there are at least some 30 Venezuelan persons in Fresno and surrounding areas) visited too. An article addressing this was published by the Revista Literaria Austral (Literary Magazine Austral) published by Fresno State Latino students.

Art Exhibition Display

Photos by Jorge M. González

Montage of the exhibition window.


English translation of the montage by Dr. Jorge M. González: Every November we commemorate the discovery of Angel Falls by the American Aviator and Explorer Jimmie Angel and the publication of the article “Jungle journey to the world’s highest waterfall” written by the American photojournalist Ruth Robertson and published by the National Geographic Magazine. In this article she tells the story of the first successful overland expedition to Angel Falls, falling from the Auyántepui Mountain, in the Gran Sabana Region, in Southeastern Venezuela. Its height of 2,648 feet (807.1 m) for the main drop, and a total vertical drop of 3,212 feet (979 m), made Angel Falls the highest cataract in the world.